How to Connect an iPhone/iPod Touch to Your Car Stereo

If you have a factory fitted stereo in your car it may be possible to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to it. Doing this enables you to listen to all the music stored on your device and negates the need for carrying CDs and will also charge your device while your on the move.

To achieve this you will need to purchase a Connects2 CTAFOIPOD003 adapter. The model number will vary depending on the make of the car. In this guide I will show you how to do this in a Ford as that is my personal experience.

I puchased my adapter from Dynamic Sounds. Check out their site to see if this option is available for you. I found them to be the cheapest for my needs and their service was very quick. I have emailed them since purchasing the product and they were always quick to respond. The unit cost me around £70 including delivery which isn’t bad considering a local place offered to sell me it only if they fitted it and were going to charge me £150 and I would have been without my car for a couple of hours.

Anyway here’s what you’ll need:

iPhone/iTouch, Connects2 adapter, Connects2 CTIPOD-CONVERTER (for iPhones), factory fitted car stereo, stereo removal keys.

Connects2Stereo Removal

Got all that? Follow the instructions below to fit it to the car.

1. Connect up the cables that come with the Connects2 adapter. Connect the CTIPOD-CONVERTER if you are connecting an iPhone.

2. Use the stereo removal keys to pull the stereo the stereo out of the dash board and look for the CD multichanger port. It should look something similiar to below.

CD Changer

3. Plug in the Connects 2 adapter to the CD changer socket. I was able to find a place for the Connects 2 box to sit underneath the stereo and bring the connection for the iPhone out through back of the dash. My iPhone now sits neatly in front of the cup holders.

4. Replace the stereo carefully ensuring you don’t snag any wires. You need to push the stereo in firmly until it locks back into place.

You should now be finished! Total time it took me was probably around 10- 15 minutes.

In my Ford I can use the steering wheel remote to control the volume, skip tracks, fast forward and rewind. You can also access the first six playlists on the iPhone from the stereo or remote. If you want to listen to a different playlist use the iPhone to select it or use the voice commands if you have a bluetooth headset connected or the phone is accessible on a dash mount or somewhere that is not going to cause problems reaching while you’re driving.

It automatically plays when you connect it and stops whenever you disconnect it. It also mutes the phone whenever a call comes through so if you’re like me and use a bluetooth headset you can answer the phone without a problem and as soon as the call is finished the phone starts playing music again.

I have only had this installed for around a week but I absolutely love it. I do quite a lot of driving and this makes the journeys a little more enjoyable.

Courtesy: Nick Hope,

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